Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just love Ikea. I don't know if it is because I am half Swedish or that I love the Swedish chocolate that I get there. Or maybe it is just the wonderful, affordable products they have that keeps me going back for more.

My friend Donna and I have made several treks up to Northern Virginia in hopes of finding the best deals on decorating items for our homes. And we can't forget our favorite pit stop, H&M.

My latest finds at Ikea were a coffee table, bookcase for the disorganized basement, curtains, and a couple of lamp shades. Oh, and I also got a slide for the kids which they just adore. However, my husband hates it since he thinks they will get hurt on it.

The only impulse buys were the Rivta curtains and of course some stuffed animals for the kids that they have already brushed aside. The curtains were on sale for $9.99 for a pack of 2 curtains and they are a very good quality. I still have yet to put them up, but when I do I will take some pictures.

Here are some pics of my finds:

Slide for the kids.

These are some pictures of the bookcase we got. We were able to put some of our books and the kids toys on it. Helps to keep the basement playroom organized.

Here is a lampshade I got. Just love the pattern and wish they had curtains to match : )

Here is the family room table I got. I thought a round table would prevent some accidents. Please ignore the pixie stick dust on the carpet. SS dropped it when I was taking the picture.

Can't wait for our next trip to Ikea.....


Erica said...

Man I wish I had an ikea near me the closest one is about 2 hrs. away that slide is soo cute.

sarasophia said...

I love Ikea as well...super slide!

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Jacqueline said...

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tanya said...

Love Ikea too. Nice pics. I am following you from mbc under 100 club. Hope you follow me too.

klawellin said...

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Nanny Dee said...

Hi Sanny -- I'm stopping by and following from MBC's under 100 group.

I love that slide! Do you mind if I ask you how much it was? You will get a ton of use out of that I am sure!


Xenia said...

I love IKEA! The closest one to me is 2-3 hours away and I swear I've never seen that cute slide. You definitely got some good things.

p.s. following you from MBC Under 100!

MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

I wish we had an IKEA near us! 6 hours away!!! ACK! I love those bookcases - I need those for our playroom it would help....

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