Sunday, May 17, 2009

Modern Design, Clutter and Kids

I finally have the bug. No, not the stomach bug, but the "Spring cleaning" bug. I am so inspired right now to just clean out the house and have a huge yard sale. However, finding the time to do this is very hard and since we live in the middle of no where, would anyone come to my yard sale?!? My biggest problem is I like to horde stuff and throw everything in a closet and once I have the urge to Spring clean, I give everything away to Goodwill. But this year I really want to make some money so I can add some new decor to my house.

We have been living here for about three years and most of our furniture is either hand me downs or stuff I purchased in my "Pottery Barn/California style/British Colonial/Traditional" phase. For the past five years, I have been obsessed with Dwell and everything Modern. My new obsession is Mid Century Modern. I just bought a new magazine called Atomic Ranch which I love. The interiors are awesome which can be seen on their website. I just found some great Mid Century Finds on Urban Outfitters website. I thought they just sold clothes, but they have some great Mid Century pieces at affordable prices. Go to

As many of you know, I also obsess over Dwell Magazine. I adore it and dream of living in one of those modern prefab homes. I think it is hysterical how Dwell shows pictures of family homes with young kids and there are no toys or clutter in site. I really wish my home was like all of these, but I know it is not a reality with three children under the age of four. My house is consumed with toys and children's books. Since we just finished our basement, I have relocated all the toys from the family room to the "playroom" in the basement. It has been great, but the kids get easily bored playing with the pots and pans and the occasional TV show. They never want to go downstairs to their "playroom." Oh well. At least the weather is getting warmer so we can play outside for most of the day.

Here are some websites that gave me my inspiration to "Spring Clean." Michelle Kaufmann is one of my favorite architects and here are some of her designs from the Sunset Breezehouse she designed. This is the link Down the road, this is what I want my house to look like!!! I can dream right?!? I also love the Sunset Magazine and have subscribed to it for the year even though I don't live in the West. This is another inspiration for me and I would love to have my house his organized and clutter free. Well, I hope this all gave you as much inspiration to declutter and start your "Spring cleaning" as it did me :-)


The Knutson Klan said...

I LOVE your backsplash! I'm passing on a blog award. You can pick it up at


Suzanne Graceffa said...

If you like mid century modern you should keep an eye out for the real thing. We found our 1960's sofa at an estate sale and our bedroom furniture on craigslist. The sofa we reupholstered, but the dressers were good to go. I like your blog and your backsplash is very cool.