Thursday, April 9, 2009

Decorating Ideas on a Budget

As a stay at home mom who is obsessed with decorating, I, like I am sure many of you, have limited funds to spend on home decor.

Here are a few of some cheap decorating ideas I used in my own home.

1) My favorite and the one that also has sentimental value are paintings or drawings that my 4 year old daughter creates! I love to frame her drawings and hang them on the wall. Voila! Instant art. Here are some paintings she just created for our family room....

2) The Dollar General is a great place to find cheap frames that actually look good. I found a ton of black frames and silver frames that go with my decor.

3) If you love plants and want an updated piece of art work for spring, go to your local art and crafts store such a Michael's and pick up a few fake plastic palm leaves or banana leaves and frame them! Perfect way to spruce the house up for spring and summer!

4) Another one of my favorites is taking a fancy, inexpensive napkin (my favorite is Caspari) and frame them! Looks like an instant work of art. Here some napkins that I framed and hung in my house.

5) I also love to paint! For my kids rooms, I bought some inexpensive canvas's and painted frogs for their bathroom and a crown for my princess.

6) If I had the time, I would paint the interior of my house more often. I love paint and color. You can change the look of any room in just one day with a cheap can of paint from Lowe's.

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Bundle 2 Baby said...

Love the idea of framing my daughter's artwork. Would make a really cute addition to her room!